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Mar 2010, 0 Review(s)

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"For over 50 years now, they have always had the freshest, ice cold, Apalachicola oysters ( best tasting in the USA ) as well as fresh shrimp, snapper, grouper, catfish and more." ...
"When the time is right I would like to go back : The atmosphere here is a little more formal than other places I've been." ...
"Good family atmosphere, superb service and the food is absolutely wonderfully delicious!" ..."The friendly atmosphere is also great!" ...
"The atmosphere is great and the prices are reasonable." ..."Nice atmosphere, poor food." ..."If you want a great Tex Mex meal at a good price you should definately give them a try first." ...
"The food is pretty good for the price you pay and the service is very friendly and curtious some people need to give the service a break there only human" ...
"The steaks are the best I've come across in a long time and thier house steak sauce is wonderful." ..."finest steaks around : nice atmosphere, but get there early if you dont like to wait" ...
"The service is good." ...
"Large variety on buffet, good food, reasonable price, excellent service." ..."Very nice people who run the place." ...
"For being voted the best seafood buffet in the south, I hate to see their competition." ..."This is one of the best seafood buffets in the South." ...
"love the chefs : mikata `` s atmosphere is very warm, the the people are friendy, and make you feel totally relaxed, with great food and a large selection of wines { which for me is off limits right now } and don `` t forget the chefs they are so amazeing and funny." ...
The popularity of the restaurants is computed based on number of Rahs and Boos and strength of sentiment expressed by the reviewers. E.g a restaurant that contains reviews such as "great ambiance and awesome service" would rank higher than another one that consists of reviews like "good food and decent service", though both of them are positive and rated a Rah.

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