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Restaurants Dumont, NJ

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Cusinera Bergenfield
Oct 2004, 0 Review(s)
Chicken & Rib Crib Bergenfield
Feb 0008, 0 Review(s)
Sushi Express Emerson
Mar 2010, 0 Review(s)

Top Rated Restaurants - Dumont

"I have been to Il Mulino dozens of times - the service is attentive and friendly, the food is fabulous ( the pasta fagioli is excellent ), and the best part is that it's a BYOB!" ...
"Best chicken cutlet sandwich in town." ..."Best chicken parm I've ever had!" ...
"Also the staff is very nice, i know the owner personally and many of the employees." ..."Pizza is excellent with a nice sauce." ...
"I particularly like their Chicken Parmesian dinner." ..."All in all, a very good dining out experience." ..."Their service is friendly and usually fast." ...
"He makes the best pizza in town, and good sandwiches as well." ...
"I dont believe they are using high end or imported cold cuts but they are good for everyday meals or casual lunches." ..."The subs here are excellent and in 8 years ive never had a bad one." ...
"Staff is very friendly and nice : ) Family Favorite!" ...
The popularity of the restaurants is computed based on number of Rahs and Boos and strength of sentiment expressed by the reviewers. E.g a restaurant that contains reviews such as "great ambiance and awesome service" would rank higher than another one that consists of reviews like "good food and decent service", though both of them are positive and rated a Rah.
Dumont, NJ
(Rank out of 853 cities in New York Metro)
Rank is computed based on # of restaurants thatrated better than 85% across all cities in the metro

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