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Vaughn's Catfish On the Lake, Mount Pleasant
- 72% 
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903-572-3474  | Restaurant Directory
741 C R 2920 Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
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  • 3 Rahs, 1 Boos
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BooRah - Kristina
Jan 04 11
I have been to Vaughn's on several occasion and the food is excellent, service is good and the prices are fair. I give them five *'s
ChefMoz -
Jun 21 06
The cole slaw, pinto beans and hush puppies served before the fish were good too .
ChefMoz -
Aug 09 05
We frequent Vaughan's near Douglassville, TX, and it is always good. The prices are a couple dollars higher than we are happy paying, but it is worth the drive. Their homemade tomato relish can't be...
ChefMoz -
Apr 22 03
I never ate catfish at any restaurant until I went to Vaughan's Catfish. My family talked me into trying it and every since I have loved it. It is seasoned just right. And I hate pinto beans, but the...
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