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Chicago St Pizza

8000 Coit Rd

Plano, TX

81 Pizza 97%  

Rosati's Pizza

5261 McKinney Ranch Pkwy

McKinney, TX

21 Pizza
100% Menus:  General   
10 Menu items match: Italian Beef - $3.65

Chicago's Finest Pizza Pasta & More

6150 Independence Pkwy

Plano, TX

206 Pizza 100% Menus:  General   
3 keyword matches: Great Italian Beef! I'm from Chicago and have to say this is the best I have had in the DFW metro area.

J & J's Pizza On the Square

118 W Oak St

Denton, TX

108 Pizza 82%  
2 keyword matches: Best Italian Beef Subs Ever!!!: The first time I went in I went on lunch and met one ...for decades. He really knows how to make good itaian beef subs. He slow roasts the beef all day marinates it in a awgue and tops off the toasty sub with plenty...

Wild About Harry's

3113 Knox St

Dallas, TX

105 Dessert 86%  
Keyword match: to be cont...... The Italian Beef was a pretty good grade, ... awesome au jus (gravy from the Beef) that was served on the side... for you ("dip" or ordering a beef "wet" means they dip the ...but it was still good. Gardinaire (Italian style hot pepper medley) was ...

NYPD Pizza

540 Clay Mathis Rd

Mesquite, TX

47 Pizza 75% Menus:  General   
Menu item match: Italian Beef Hero - $6.95

Sweet Home Chicago Restaurant No 1

6208 McCart Ave

Fort Worth, TX

0 Tell Us 0%  
Keyword match: ... trip couple times a month from Dallas just for this little taste of home. The Italian Beef sandwich and the Chicago -style hot dogs are the REAL thing. If you asked for you Beef dripped, they know what you're talking about. The ...

Weinberger Delicatessen

611 S Main St

Grapevine, TX

47 Delicatessens
Keyword match: ...good combo sandwich wet wit peppers.. And I FINALLY found it!!! What a GREAT place!!! Chicago Style hot dogs..Italian beef and italian sausage and great pastrami!!! I love this place..I go 2- 3 times a week and get ...

Moose's Pizza

2809 Flower Mound Rd

Flower Mound, TX

130 Pizza 88%  
Keyword match: Womax is one of the few places in the DFW area that sells Italian Beef just like the CHi town. The Pizza is the best in town. If you are from Chicago or just love Chicago pizza you will love this find. Carry out only..(very small seating)

Chicago Rick's Pizza

Carrollton, TX

145 Pizza 54%  
Keyword match: ...'re cheap too, oh and I don't think they use real vienna beef on their "chicago style hot dogs" or they're italian beefs, they taste way diferent and its supposed to be the same. They're getting a boo and not a ...

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