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Grandview Saloon, Pittsburgh
- 87% 
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412-431-1400  | Restaurant Directory
1212 Grandview Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211
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  • 43 Rahs, 6 Boos
  • 13 Rahs, 5 Boos
  • 36 Rahs, 1 Boos

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Grandview Saloon's Food - Select Comments

The steaks were melt in your mouth excellent and the lobster ravioli got rave reviews from everyone that ate them. more»
To top it off, the menu does not explain that he cooks medium rare steaks more like well done. more»

Grandview Saloon's Service - Select Comments

If you wanted a cheaper sandwich\/salad menu , more of a nice bar food atmosphere you could go downstairs and get great service and food for cheap. more»
We arrived there at 8 and got our food at 9:30 if that tells you what the service is like and has been the last 3 out of 4 times i was there. more»

Grandview Saloon's Ambiance - Select Comments

SO if you're looking to go some place with a great view that overlooks the city I would stop in , but do n't eat or drink unless you have TON of time and do n't mind Waiting while your bartenders ignore you! more»
The view is wonderful , and I try to take visitors from out of town there to enjoy the good food\/drink and to soak in the spectacular view of the Golden Triangle. more»
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