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Deenie's Hideaway, Coconut Creek
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5011 W Hillsboro Blvd Coconut Creek, FL 33073
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10/15/2010 Been going to Deenie's for about three years, but won't be back. All the internet rumors about Gil participating in the drug scene are true; nice guy, but doesn't care how it endangers his clients. Oh, and I once got a towel from him covered in black greasy spots, to which he told me he must have used it to clean the floor with. Excuse me? You use the same towels for the floor as you give to customers? Oh, and a few weeks ago there was an overt act of violence by one female oldtimer against another female guest out by the pool where punches were thrown and landed, and nothing at all was done to the oldtimer who the punches. The managers were present at the time and allowed the punch-thrower to stay, with the excuse of "Well, we've known her for a long time and..." Forget it; enough is enough. Drugs, violence, and unsanitary conditions. Forget it.
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