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Hanami Steakhouse

147 Reinhardt College Pk

Canton, GA

498 Steak 92%  
10 keyword matches: ... my soy sauce for me! Now that's service! The hibachi was also great. The chefs were talkative and entertaining.... the onion rings. Cool show... Best of all, the "premium meat" is the best hibachi steak I've ever had. It's way better than filet mignon! It's ...

Okinawa Restaurant

1359 Riverstone Pkwy

Canton, GA

111 Japanese 86%  
Keyword match: my favorite part of the meal, tasted old and fishy....I ordered the shrimp hibachi, and I could only eat two pieces. The crabmeat and steak were also well under par, compared to what I used to get. Worst ...
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