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Bronx Pizza Inc

111 Washington St

San Diego, CA

2945 Pizza 88%

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Menus:  General   

Pizzeria Luigi

1137 25th St

San Diego, CA

618 Pizza 87%  
16 keyword matches: better than Bronx Pizza and no wait

Ciros Pizzaria

536 Market St

San Diego, CA

189 Pizza 85% Menus:  General   
5 keyword matches: ... over 30 minutes to make our pizza. I think that is way too long for a mediocre product. Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest is much better... NY for 25 years...I know pizza. This place would never make it... way to slow, rude, and the pizza is not that terrific. This one...

Knockout Pizzeria

6755 Mira Mesa Blvd

San Diego, CA

89 Pizza 80% Menus:  General   
3 keyword matches: Better than Bronx pizza and you do not have to wait for a parking space! Slices are always available in the case. The Garlic Knots are UNBELIEVABLE!

Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar & Grill

356 Fashion Vly

San Diego, CA

56 Pizza
70% Menus:  General   
2 keyword matches: ... up for her lack of personality. Here isn San Diego, Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest takes the cake for New York style pizza. And Pizzeria Uno's takes the cake for Chicago style pizza. AMAZINGLY GREAT PIZZA!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! A+++++

Taste of Italy

1013 University Ave

San Diego, CA

288 Italian 90% Menus:  General   
2 keyword matches:

Sicilian Thing Pizza

4046 30th St

San Diego, CA

0 Tell Us 0%  
2 keyword matches: Oh My God!: This pizza is excellent. I just happened to stumble... that opened this place worked at Bronx Pizza for like 10 years and... Brace yourself... It's better than Bronx Pizza and there's no ... slice. Odds are you'll never go anywhere else for pizza again.

New York Pizza & Italian Deli

2358 University Ave

San Diego, CA

63 Pizza 100%

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2 keyword matches: I'm originally from NY & this is definately the best pizza in San Diego, even better than Bronx Pizza.

Filippi's Pizza Grotto

1747 India St

San Diego, CA

2552 Pizza 87%  
2 keyword matches: ... the west coast wouldnt know good pizza if it landed on their ... is a disgrace to Italians and pizza lovers. I am from the ... little flavor. I have better frozen pizza before.I was very disappointed.... I would recommend Bronx pizza or Cafe Bella Italia, or even ...

New York Giant Pizza

12812 Rancho Penasquitos B

San Diego, CA

90 Pizza 100%  
2 keyword matches: Best pizza around" forget about it " . Makes bronx pizza's old fly infested slices taste like cardboard. Very economical and excellent service. Must try if your a PIZZA LOVER.

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