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Clinton Corner Cafe

2633 SE 21st Ave

Portland, OR

736 Tell Us 93%  
1 Rah: The BBQ ribs were great -- truly smoky, tender and moist!

Red Star Tavern

503 SW Alder St

Portland, OR

874 American 86%

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Menus:  General  General   
1 Rah: The menu is pretty weak, on the whole, but the bbq ribs and beans are very good, though every once in a while they'll run out before the end of the night.

Serratto Italian Restaurant

2112 NW Kearney St

Portland, OR

1925 Italian 93% Menus:  General   
1 Rah: Friends got ribs bbq ribs which were good, ( although this portion was a little small ) and cheese pizza which had a thin and tasty crust.

Gregs Backyard

3554 SE 82nd Ave

Portland, OR

272 Bar 96%  
1 Rah: Gregs has the BEST BBQ ribs that I have ever eaten!

Clay's Smokehouse Grill

2932 SE Division St

Portland, OR

1019 Steak
91% Menus:  General   
4 keyword matches: ... I had the mixed barbeque platter (substituting brisket for ribs ¿½ ... and not a huge fan of barbeque, got a turkey salad. The ... that said, ¿½Original Texas Barbeque ¿½. My guess is ...recommend Clay ¿½s excellent barbeque, just leave your whiny Texas ...

Campbell's Bar-B-Q

8701 SE Powell Blvd

Portland, OR

889 Southern 84% Menus:  General   
3 keyword matches: I love barbeque, and I was tired of eating Pork, because I was tired of eating beef. But then I tried the Buffalo ribs and Wild boar ribs at the Campbell's bbq and it was surprisingly good because it was leaner and tender, yet ...

Big Daddy's Bbq

3001 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR

258 Barbecue
70% Menus:  General   
2 keyword matches: I had Big Daddy's AWESOME ribs and must say it is some of the best barbeque in town (and I am a total bbq snob). The sides were fresh and generous and the place has a very down-home, friendly vibe to it - quite a contrast to some ...

Tucci's Q American Bar-B-Que

325 NE Russell St

Portland, OR

1317 Tell Us 93%  
2 keyword matches: Russell Street brings the best complete barbeque dining experience to Portland of any restaurant ... get South of the Mason Dixon, the beef ribs (if you can get them) are ..., but the best thing there is the pork ribs - you will literally have to force yourself ...

Chuck Hinton Rib Express

5410 NE 33rd Ave

Portland, OR

354 Tell Us 78%  
2 keyword matches: ... of town. I normally get a pork rib combo with beans and mac salad. ... the best value and best tasting entree. Rib tips provide more meat and less fat then traditional ribs. Cannon's is superior to other barbeque because of their unique smoking and grilling ...

Podnah's Bbq

1469 NE Prescott St

Portland, OR

615 Barbecue 87%  
Keyword match: ... the meat speak for itself. Loved the brisket, loved the lamb ribs, gotta get in there for the Friday/Saturday special. Sides ..." worthy of inserting into a FOOD review. In Texas, EVERYONE barbeques, white, black, hispanic, man woman....It's about the food ...

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