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Restaurant Peony

388 9th St # 288

Oakland, CA

1633 Chinese 68%

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20 keyword matches: ...'t been actually washed in some time. So the dim sum was ok - but certainly no better than cleaner and nicer establishments like Jade Villa...'t understand why anyone would bother going here when there are so many better dim sum places around.

Legendary Palace

708 Franklin St

Oakland, CA

975 Chinese
Dim Sum

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18 keyword matches: ... tiny servings with (often) giant prices, dim sum restaurants and teahouses churned out... to really know a good dim sum place from a poor one....San Francisco is a mighty good place -- it's where I first 10:45 a.m., the place is already booming. After about ...

Jade Villa

800 Broadway

Oakland, CA

927 Chinese
Dim Sum

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11 keyword matches: ... Villa is a pretty average dim sum place. The prices are a lot more expensive than some other dim sum places in Oakland, and the ... cleaner and "classier" than some other dim sum places. Probably a good ...if you're introducing someone to dim sum, who isn't as ...

The Old Place Seafood House

391 Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA

902 Seafood 87%  
7 keyword matches: I go about once a week and I love it. it is extremely cheap and better than much more expensive resturants. I have gone, eaten a huge meal, and the bill was $10. no better dim sum place. parking is not an issue, so go anytime

King of King Restaurant

1139 E 12th St

Oakland, CA

157 Tell Us 90%

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2 Rah's: on that note, King of King is one of the better dim sum places in the east bay.

Happy Families

304 10th St

Oakland, CA

0 Tell Us 0%

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Keyword match: I would only come here with my grandma because she liked this place. Only because it was a cheap dim sum place and a lot of friends went there to eat. However the quality of the food is sub par but ...

Silver Dragon Restaurant

835 Webster St

Oakland, CA

576 Chinese 96%

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2 keyword matches: ... but i have eaten better. It's a classy place so most Americans like it. Food there is ... of the size and decerations. I ate there a couple times but never for dim sum. I heard that it is not as good as the other places in chinatown but i still need to try ...


850 Broadway

Oakland, CA

1361 Asian

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Keyword match: This place is a find: a truly wonderful Cambodian restaurant, whose pleasant, small, and immaculate ...(3) Central American/Cuban (9) Chinese (40) Coffeehouse/Cafe (10) Deli/Diner (20) Dessert (9) Dim Sum (11) Eclectic (6) English/Irish (5) European ...

Yo Ho Restaurant

337 8th St

Oakland, CA

50 Tell Us 100%

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Keyword match: Yo Ho Restaurant is a relatively small place as dim sum houses go. There's an early line up for their .... The high quality with low prices keeps this place busy. Mostly Chinese clientele. Hours: Dim Sum 9am-3pm, Dinner 5pm-9:30pmBART ...

Joy Luck

327 8th St

Oakland, CA

513 Chinese 77%

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Keyword match: ... to making a dish with chow fun instead of rice, which is nice. They serve dim sum for a very reasonable cost but I feel the quality is lower and the quantity size is smaller, the place is packed by 11am. If you're a party of ...

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